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VIP speaking during the Caribbean Investment Summit

For our regular followers, hearing us speaking about the vast potential of Caribbean agricultural development will come as no surprise. Over the course of the last few years, we have been working increasingly across the region.

For good reason: unbeknownst to many, the region’s food system is under considerable strain, with a significant need to enhance agricultural production. Food insecurity is a real challenge in the Caribbean.

Despite concerns around import dependence, high food prices and the impact of shocks, we believe in the vast potential of Caribbean agricultural development and the economic, nutritional, human and environmental benefits which this development can foster.


“How can we develop agricultural sectors across the Caribbean that are not only resilient, but can also position agriculture as a key sector for investment that can drive real economic growth? How can we attract young entrepreneurs into agriculture?” These were some of the questions raised by Danielle Abraham, VIP’s Executive Director, during the press conference launching the Upturn Funds and Leadership Axehead Consulting Caribbean Investment Summit.

Designed to foster investment throughout the region, the Caribbean Investment Summit will run from 25-27 August in Barbados and feature stakeholders spanning across the private, public and non-profit sectors. With sessions focused on agriculture, manufacturing, green energy, mining and real estate, it seeks to spotlight some of the key opportunities available to the Caribbean region and offer a space for strategic stakeholders to work together towards these common goals.

Introducing the Summit’s agriculture session - which notably features a discussion on Israeli agritech and know-how - Danielle discussed some of the promising ways in which Israeli expertise can be harnessed to help enhance Caribbean agriculture. These include:

> Agricultural innovation: using technologies and practices to help the region transition towards more modern, sustainable and profitable agriculture.

> Access to training: VIP’s Israel AgriWeb program is an example of the vast appetite for these services and an innovative, cost-effective way in which it can be delivered.

> Tailored advisory services: one example of such an approach is VIP’s work in partnership with the Bahamian Government to help design Cultivation Centers. Another, is the use of bespoke advisory services to help fuel the success of promising agri-entrepreneurs, such as VIP’s Pioneer Program.

More information about this event can be found on the Caribbean Investment Summit website.

The full press conference is available via this link (Danielle’s contribution begins at 33m38s).


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