About the Program

Israel AgriWeb is designed to provide smallholder farmers and agri-stakeholders throughout the developing world with a single point of access to the vast network of Israeli agricultural scientists, technologies and extension services.

Offering live webinar training, community forums and targeted live demonstration days, the program presents farmers with clear, concrete and affordable solutions. It also offers a direct channel of communication through which farmers can personally engage with experts in a wide range of fields and elevates them into the role of active partners in the selection and delivery of the solutions that best fit their needs.

Israel AgriWeb can not only deliver expertise and know-how to smallholder farmers, it can foster the development of an international community of farmers and agricultural stakeholders working together to improve food security, environmental sustainability and economic security throughout the developing world.

Over the course of six episodes, each cohort will receive a tailor-made program comprising the following components:



Each episode is focused on a specific challenge facing our participants and how they can use practical, affordable and easily available solutions to address it. Our team gathers questions and interacts on the live chat throughout the episode and help guide the live Q&A segment to address pressing questions (we also provide direct follow up with videos and other helpful content to address any unanswered questions).

Live Demonstrations

We work with local leadership to determine the ideal location to conduct physical training and demonstrations. Our researchers demonstrate the application of best practices and new solutions on the ground. As paricipants are often spread over a wide geographic area, those who cannot join physically are invited to participate virtually, and all participants gain from seeing the practices they learnt about in theory being applied in a familiar setting. 

Alumni Network

As part of our investment in the growth and impact of each participant, program graduates are invited to join an ever growing alumni network for peer engagement. Using this platform, participants can ask questions, provide advice and support and be active and contributing members of a growing community of smallholder farmers. We regularly update the forum with new information and our experts are ongoing, contributing members.



Ngabaghila Chatata (Ngaba) is a prominent Malawian agri- entrepreneur and our first partner for the Israel-Africa Pioneer program. When Ngaba realized that Malawi was importing nearly all of its high-value crops, she recognized a sizable opportunity and envisaged Malawi as a country that could grow its own food. As a result, she founded Thanthwe Farms.




Our experts are deeply embedded into Israel's agricultural ecosystem and familiar with a vast array of technologies and solutions. Rather than pre-selecting solutions, we advise with local leadership and farmers to understand their specific needs and challenges so that we can provide holistic solutions - selecting the best option for each cohort. 

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Working with our partners Dr. Andre Thomas of the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition and The Hon. Michael Clifton Pintard, Minister of the Bahamian Ministry of Agriculture, we launched our pilot series with over 2,500 registrants throughout the Caribbean in February 2021.