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Bettering the world isn’t simply about what you do. It’s also about how you do it and the values that guide you.

At Volcani International Partnerships, we are driven by the values of Diversity, Fairness, Inclusivity, Dreaming Big and Humility in Problem-Solving. These values are our compass: they ensure we’re always moving in the right direction and that we get to the right place.


Diversity and Fairness​


We believe in harnessing a diversity of views, experiences, skills and expertise to achieve the very best. A diverse team where all can contribute, progress and fairly influence decision-making is a team that is better equipped to deliver excellence.

We strive to ensure fairness in our processes and diversity in our leadership, our staff, our volunteers, our board members and our partners.

Our values in action: Since 2017, VIP has had a policy in place which ensures that every dissemination project includes a representative of the target community in the program leadership.



We believe in equal access to opportunities and resources. In our work, we make a conscious effort to ensure our projects benefit communities that might otherwise be marginalized or disadvantaged. In our workplace, we value difference and support employees to be their best selves.


Our values in action: Our Laskov Scholarship intentionally tries to rectify some of the inequity we see in society. It is only open to minority groups such as Israeli Arabs, Bedouins, Druze and Israelis of Ethiopian descent.

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Dreaming Big


We are driven by the Jewish principle of Tikun Olam: repairing the world. This is no mean feat but we dream big. We aren’t afraid to go after complex and vast problem like food insecurity, poverty and environmental degradation. We set our sights high and, whether it be our team or Israel, we believe small things can have huge impacts.


Our values in action: Many of our programs - such as the Israel-Africa Pioneer Program and Israel AgriWeb - are designed to be scalable, allowing us to benefit thousands of farmers through our work.


Humility in Problem Solving


Although Israeli expertise is at the heart of what we do, that doesn’t mean we know it all. The best solutions are created together in true partnership. Working closely with local partners, we always start by focusing on the problem at hand and the challenges, priorities, preferences and ideas of those we serve. We then co-design solutions with farmers, not for them.


Our values in action: To design the curriculum of our second Israel AgriWeb webinar series in the Caribbean, we gathered feedback from almost 700 stakeholders (including farmers, agri-entrepreneurs and extension officers) throughout the region to hear about their needs and their ideas.

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