VIP works to strengthen Israel’s standing as a global leader of agricultural innovation and share its experience, expertise and innovation with partners around the world.
Our Strategic Priorities

Volcani International Partnership's work is guided by 3 key strategic priorities. 


Israel's expertise with global partners

VIP creates global partnerships and programs to offer advisory services, capacity building, R&D and tech transfer to bring Israel's vast experience and expertise to partners around the world.


Israel's capacity for agricultural innovation

VIP strives to strengthen Israel's standing as a global leader of agricultural innovation. VIP  focuses primarily on large scale R&D projects, but also supports emerging scientists and Israel's farmers.


The world about Israeli capacity and impact

VIP endeavours to educate and empower people across the world with knowledge about Israel's experience and how they can benefit from Israel’s agricultural  expertise.

Who We Are


Volcani International Partnerships is an Israeli non-profit organization that strives to share Israel's agricultural expertise and innovations to enhance its contribution to the world. Our world faces immense challenges in feeding a growing population while ensuring the sustainability of our planet, and we have a great role to play. 



Our Vision 

Israel as a global leader of agricultural innovation, sharing its experience, expertise and innovations to improve lives around the world. 

Our Impact

We believe our work not only creates value for Israel, but for citizens all over the world.

Impact for Israel


Relations >

Enhancing relations and avenues for collaboration between Israel and countries around the world


Growth >

Creating business opportunities for Israel's agri-tech sector 


Olam >

Realizing the Jewish principle of repairing the world, 'Tikun Olam'

Ag Leadership >

Strengthening Israel's position as a global leader in agricultural innovation

International Impact


Security >

Contributing to efforts to end global hunger and improve nutritional quality, availability and affordability in produce

Poverty Eradication >

Providing technologies and know-how that spur agricultural growth and contribute to poverty reduction

Sustainable Agriculture >

Sharing information and enabling the adoption of more sustainable practices and innovations

Climate Resilience >

Promoting agricultural resilience in the face of climate change through new varieties, protocols and technologies


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