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Our Experts

Israeli Expertise for Resilient, Sustainable and Profitable Food Systems 

Israel’s Leading Experts Working With You

VIP boasts an unparalleled network of over 400 leading Israeli experts across a broad range of fields and spanning the research, agronomic, private, public and non-profit sectors. 

We draw upon this network to build expert teams tailored to your needs. A sample of experts within our network can be seen below.

How We Work With Our Experts

The best solutions are created in true partnership and we believe in harnessing a rich diversity of views, experiences, skills and expertise. We do this in two ways. 


We work with partners to create two-way relationships that merge local insights with Israel’s experience, expertise, innovations and problem-solving capacities.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Replicating Israel’s proven approach, we build multidisciplinary technical teams incorporating expertise across the value chain, and multidisciplinary project teams integrating technical experts, economists and development professionals. 


A Sample of Our Experts

Yoram Kapulnik.jpg

Agricultural Research & Development

Prof. Yoram Kapulnik


Experience: 35 years

Yael Laor.jfif

Environmental Sustainability

Dr. Yael Laor 


Experience: 27 years


Soils &

Prof. Uri Mingelgrin


Experience: 45 years


Agronomy & Extension 

Dr. Shmuel Gross 


Experience: 50 years

Aliza Inbal.jpg

Evaluation and Food Security Policy

Dr. Aliza Belman Inbal


Experience: 29 years

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 7.03.59 PM.png

Organic Agriculture & Greenhouses

Uri Adler

Experience: 30 years

Itamar Glazer.jpg

Plant Protection 

Prof. Itamar Glazer


Experience: 33 years

Joanne Moore.jpg

International Development

Joanne Moore


Experience: 25 years

Moshe Kostyukovsky.jpg

Grain Post-Harvest Management

Dr. Moshe Kostyukovsky

Experience: 48 years

Shenan-Harpaz (1).jpg

Aquaculture & Aquaponics 

Prof. Sheenan Harpaz 


Experience: 33 years

ophe namiech.jpg

Gender & Organisational Strategy

Ophelie Namiech


Experience: 17 years

Victor Alhanatis.jpg

Agricultural Engineering & Artificial Intelligence 

Dr. Victor Alchanatis 

Experience: 27 years

Screenshot 2023-01-27 at 7.48.20 PM.png

Agronomy in Semi-Arid and Arid Conditions

Yoram Zvieli


Experience: 35 years


Agricultural Economics

Prof. Eli Feinerman


Experience: 40 years


Irrigation & Water Use Efficiency

Dr. Shabtai Cohen 

Experience: 40 years


Fresh Produce Post-Harvest Management (fruit crops)

Dr. Amnon Lichter


Experience: 25 years


Business Development and Finance

Daniel Ben Yehuda


Experience: 14 years

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