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We're Back: Hosting New Agri-Innovation Tours

For us, as for so many, the travel restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic felt stifling. After all, sharing Israeli agricultural expertise - including through face-to-face training and tailored tours of Israel - is at the very heart of our mission. Human interaction and the ability to showcase solutions or emerging technologies in the field make a real difference.

As such, we were delighted in August 2022 to start hosting agri-innovation tours of Israel once more.

Israel Agri-Innovation Tours

VIP’s Israel Agri-Innovation Tours aim to empower professionals to advance agricultural development in their home countries by exposing them firsthand to enhanced knowledge, technology and experience from Israel.

Aimed at agricultural professionals, leaders and policy-makers, our Israel Agri-Innovation Tours offer a tailor-made experience focused on the topics, solutions and challenges of most interest to beneficiaries. Most tours feature a combination of lectures, field demonstrations and meetings with stakeholders drawn from Israel's rich agricultural ecosystem and spanning academia and business.

To maximise its impact, these tours can be combined with additional engagements such as digital lectures and advisory to facilitate practical outcomes stemming from each visit.

Hosting Bayer, Syngenta & SLC

“Your country is the size of a large farm, but your innovations and knowledge dwarf the world - I had no idea!”

Participant quote

Working with TNT, we’re delighted to have been able to offer a unique and tailored glimpse into Israeli agriculture to partners from Bayer, Syngenta & SLC over the course of three tours in August and October 2022.

We couldn’t have asked for a better or more engaged set of groups to (re)launch our Israel Agri-Innovation Tours than these fantastic Brazilian farmers and leaders. Thank you!

Additional High Level Events

In addition to these two delegations, we were delighted to host the UK’s former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Rt Hon Owen Paterson for a visit of the Volcani Center introducing leaders in the field and showcasing the next generation of the agritech solutions.

Finally, we hosted an inspiring and fantastic group of Kenyan farmers for an in-depth discussion about the drivers behind Israel’s agricultural development and the lessons that can be drawn from Israel’s experience.



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