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About the Program

We believe that empowered leaders can create an agricultural transformation for themselves, their community and country.

Africa's agricultural transformation will be pushed forward by dynamic, driven and successful agricultural entrepreneurs, who have access to the most up to date knowledge and technological innovations that agricultural science has to offer.

That's where the Israel-Africa Pioneer Program comes in.


The Israel-Africa Pioneer Program is a highly selective program for exceptional agricultural entrepreneurs, committed to driving change for themselves, their communities and their countries.



Our goal is to support, equip and invest in pioneers, those motivated and ready to lead the charge toward a more profitable and food secure future, with the best agricultural expertise and innovation that Israel has to offer.



The Pioneer Program's innovative curriculum focuses on establishing the capacity for agricultural innovation, by strengthening knowledge and tech transfer, while building the pioneers' capacity to drive sector wide change by transforming their farm into a demonstration site.



Ngabaghila Chatata (Ngaba) is a prominent Malawian agri- entrepreneur and our first partner for the Israel-Africa Pioneer program. When Ngaba realized that Malawi was importing nearly all of its high-value crops, she recognized a sizable opportunity and envisaged Malawi as a country that could grow its own food. As a result, she founded Thanthwe Farms.


Over the course of two years, each pioneer will receive a tailor-made program comprising the following components:

Agricultural Extension

The full spectrum of agronomic and economic extension support from Israel's top experts. The support will be delivered in person on the ground and remotely from Israel over a two year period

Technology Transfer

Israeli experts will work with the pioneers to identify and adapt relevant Israeli technologies to ensure successful implementation by the pioneer in their unique agro- ecological conditions

Capacity Building

Four training courses will be conducted on the ground for the pioneers, trainers of trainers and the wider community. These will be spread over the course of the program

Demonstration Farms

Israeli experts will work with the pioneers to transform their farms into demonstration sites for the wider community, allowing farmers to experience innovative practices first- hand

Alumni Community

As part of our investment in the growth and impact of each pioneer, participants will join an alumni community and benefit from their place in a growing network with access to training courses and trips to Israel

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