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The conflict in Ukraine, global food insecurity & Israel: our conversation with the AJC

The conflict in Ukraine has taken the state of global food security from bad to worse.

As an organisation dedicated to tackling global food insecurity by sharing Israeli agricultural expertise, this raises a number of clear questions. What does this mean for vulnerable communities the world over? In the short term, how best can Israel respond to this crisis? In the longer term, how can the Jewish state’s unique wealth of know-how, knowledge and experience bolster the resilience of food systems?

On 6 June 2022, we were delighted to share our thoughts on these questions with members of the AJC’s Middle East Board. Indeed, the American Jewish Committee (AJC) is the leading global Jewish advocacy organisation: a world-renowned organisation dedicated to building a better and more secure future for the Jewish people, for Israel and for all humanity.

Whether it be increasing wheat yields, reducing grain loss in storage, helping to develop alternative crops to wheat, or high level policy lessons, Danielle Abrabam - Volcani International Partnerships’s Executive Director - highlighted the opportunities for Israel to help respond to the current food security crisis.

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