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Smart Farming: Introducing Israeli Expertise and Technology for Caribbean Agriculture

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Tel Aviv, Israel

For release on 5 February 2021.

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  • In the wake of COVID-19’s disruption to global food systems, there is a renewed emphasis on increasing agricultural self-sufficiency. In its pursuit of this aim, the Caribbean is turning to Israel’s world renowned experience in the field.

  • In light of the keen interest shown by Caribbean partners, Volcani International Partnerships and the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition will be delivering a webinar series to introduce Israel's expertise to the Caribbean, with a particular focus on Smart Farming.

  • Israel’s world-leading agricultural expertise and technologies bear the promise of a more efficient and sustainable agriculture in the Caribbean, improving food security, reducing food imports and acting as an engine for local growth.

‘At a time when many Caribbean nations are looking to strengthen their agricultural sector, we are honoured to be sharing key lessons from Israel. Our goal is to ensure that Israel's agricultural expertise and technological innovations can contribute significantly to Caribbean efforts to enhance agricultural self-sufficiency.’

Danielle Abraham, Executive Director of Volcani International Partnerships

The disruptions to the global food system caused by COVID-19 have brought the fragility of global food systems and security to the forefront of international awareness. In countries reliant on food imports, this crisis has put the spectre of food insecurity in sharp relief and driven a renewed interest in improving agricultural self-sufficiency. The Caribbean has a well documented reliance on food imports. According to a 2015 FAO assessment, food imports accounted for over 80% of total food consumption in seven Caribbean countries. In four countries, this figure rose to over 90%. Faced with this challenge, the Caribbean is turning to Israel’s world-renowned agricultural know-how and innovation to enhance its agricultural sector. At the request of partners in the region, a free webinar series is due to be delivered to introduce Israel’s Smart Farming expertise and technologies.

‘Israel overcame the challenges of water scarcity, an inhospitable climate and limited fertile land to become a world-leading agricultural powerhouse.’ explains Danielle Abraham, the Executive Director of Volcani International Partnerships, the Israeli NGO delivering the webinar series. ‘It achieved this by developing cutting-edge expertise and innovations. Caribbean partners have identified this expertise as a roadmap to enhance the agricultural sector across the region.’

This partnership between Volcani International Partnerships and the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition has come at a critical time in the Caribbean’s development. Covid-19 has exposed us to the possibilities of suffering significantly from food supply shortages. The answer to this is the mass empowerment of a new breed of smart farmers that rise to the challenge of feeding the Caribbean using the most innovative technology. This training is a big step towards this end.

H.E. Ambassador Dr. Andre Thomas, Founder and President of the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition (CILC)

The free webinars, which are expected to be attended by hundreds of farmers and agri-entrepreneurs in the Bahamas, Anguilla, Aruba and Barbados, will feature leading Israeli experts discussing applications of Smart Farming ranging from irrigation and greenhouse agriculture to crop protection and post-harvest management.

Click here to register.

About us:

Volcani International Partnerships (VIP) is an NGO that aims to share Israel’s agricultural experience, expertise and technologies for the benefit of people throughout the world. It does so by expanding the reach of Israeli agricultural expertise through advisory services, training delivery, technology transfer and bespoke projects.

The Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition (CILC) is an organization that seeks to empower governments and companies to harness Israeli expertise, technology and investment to usher in sustainable development for the Caribbean.


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