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The unsung lesson from Israel’s agricultural revolution: Courage

It’s plain to see why we at Volcani International Partnerships feel a natural kinship with Momentum (formerly JWRP). Momentum seeks to empower women to change the world for the better through Jewish values. An organisation led by Jewish women, we too are driven by a deep commitment - rooted in the Jewish concept of Tikun Olam - to improve the world and better communities.

We were delighted to be invited to speak during two Momentum events held on the 2 and 16 November.

The focus of these talks was a topic that is both relevant to Momentum’s mission and key to understanding Israel’s agricultural revolution: courage. The courage to try difficult things. The courage to stick by convictions. The courage to set the bar high.

Courage was a cornerstone of Israel’s agricultural transformation and continues to inform the Israeli approach to agriculture through daring innovation and an obstinate commitment to making things work and solving problems. It also underpins our approach at Volcani International Partnerships: we aren’t afraid to aim high, dream big and go after one of the most pressing and complex challenges of the day: food insecurity.

Aside from being a welcome opportunity to shine a light on this unsung lesson from Israel’s agricultural revolution, it is a pleasure to work alongside like minded organisations and to meet inspiring Jewish women dedicated to bettering the world.

Thank you Momentum.


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