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Bringing Smart Farming to the Caribbean

In response to the travel challenges posed by COVID and requests from the field, we launched a new program ‘Israel AgriWeb’ to bring agricultural education to our partners through online webinars.

We kicked this off in the Caribbean through a webinar series designed to introduce Smart Farming. Hosting Israel’s top agricultural scientists, agronomists and CEOs of innovative agri-tech companies we provided a thorough introduction of Smart Farming across the value chain.

The webinars proved a momentous success, answering a real need and interest among the stakeholders. Some key stats...

> Over 2600 people registered to attend

> Over 98% respondents stated the webinar series was excellent or good (65.14% and 33.14% respectively)

> 99.1% of respondents stressed their eagerness to go further and learn about Smart Farming in greater depth;

> Over 93% of respondents noted that they have started considering implementing Smart Farming methods following the webinar series.

The webinar series was launched in partnership with the Caribbean Israel Leadership Coalition and the Minister of Agriculture of The Bahamas and received significant media interest including from the Jerusalem Post, The Media Line and in news reports across the Caribbean.


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