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Contributing to the 2021 TOV Innovation Journey to Ethiopia

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

We are thrilled to have supported The 2021 TOV Innovation Journey.

The Innovation Journey is led and implemented by the TOV program. It was initiated and funded by JDC and the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry and implemented in partnership with Pears Program for Global Innovation as content partner.

The TOV Innovation Journey is an initiative designed to improve the productivity and economic prospects of Ethiopian smallholder farmers while facilitating access to the Ethiopian market for Israeli companies. To achieve these aims, the TOV Innovation Journey focuses on creating partnerships between Israeli agritech companies and Ethiopian stakeholders.

As an advisor for the 2021 TOV Innovation Journey, Volcani International Partnerships designed bespoke partnership and financing strategies for participants: helping to ensure that these promising initiatives can secure the buy-in and financial backing required to be implemented and yield significant benefits for all those involved.

The 2021 Innovation Journey counted 29 participant organisations exploring dozens of possible partnership projects.


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