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Sharing Israel’s agricultural experience, expertise, technologies and capacity to innovate with partners around the world.

Understanding that Israel's agricultural innovations can make a significant contribution to improving lives around the world, Volcani International Partnership's acts to share Israel's wealth of agricultural expertise with its global partners. To this end, our initiatives deliver Israeli know-how directly from the experts themselves, while striving to translate Israeli experience to local needs and conditions.

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Offering live webinar training, community forums and targeted live demonstration days, our program presents farmers with clear, concrete and affordable solutions. It also offers a direct channel of communication through which farmers can personally engage with Israeli experts in a wide range of fields and elevates them into the role of active partners in the selection and delivery of the solutions that best fit their needs.


The Dov Center


The Dov Center - Niger’s first horticultural center of excellence - trains high school graduates to become the extension officers of tomorrow and promotes farming methods that generate double the average income for Niger. Working in close partnership with the Center’s leadership, our experts will be developing a curriculum that provides impactful solutions to the key challenges faced by Nigerien farmers. 

Read more about the Dov Center...

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TOV Innovation Journey​

In 2021 we were engaged as advisors for the TOV Innovation Journey: working closely with the program’s incredible team to design partnerships and financing strategies for Israeli agricultural startups and their Ethiopian partners.


Consortium for Innovation in Post-Harvest Loss and Food Waste Reduction


Supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and FFAR, and working collaboratively with partners around the world, Volcani hopes to help develop a scalable approach for providing farmers with cost-effective strategies and technologies that link their crop supply to the market demand. This will allow farmers to gain more value from their crop and become more profitable, while also stimulating local economic growth and improving the resiliency of rural communities.


Fresh Organic Vegetables


We bring together Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian olive growers and olive mill operators for workshops conducted by Israeli experts who share information on the latest advances in the field, as well as direct, hands-on training.


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