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Small Country, Global Solutions
Small Country, Global Solutions

Volcani International Partnerships is an Israeli NGO which works to strengthen Israel's standing as a global leader of agricultural innovation and share its experience, expertise, technology and capacity to innovate with partners around the world.





We operate both in Israel and internationally

through a variety of programs, promoting food security and addressing global agricultural challenges with Israeli expertise. 

We offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of our partners. These include agricultural advisory, capacity building, research and development support, technology transfer and Israel agri-tours.



Program Highlights

Volcani International Partnerships implements programs in Israel and around the world to improve food security and economic prosperity.  


News & Updates


Read more about our latest efforts to improve lives around the world through engaging, collaborating and sharing Israeli agricultural innovation.

Visitors at Volcani

The Volcani institute hosts more than 2000 high level visitors and delegations each year at the Sandra and Howard Hoffen Visitor Center. 

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