About the Visitor Center

The Sandra and Howard Hoffen Visitor’s Center serves as the portal of access for the international community into the beating heart of Israeli agricultural innovation.



Today, an average of 2,000 international leaders, business professionals and dignitaries arrive each year to Volcani to explore agricultural collaboration with Israel

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Visits from Heads of State 

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Organized tour groups from around the world

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Formal visitors per year



A source of national pride, the Volcani Center is the State of Israel’s official Agricultural Research Organization. Established in 1921, before the State of Israel itself, the Volcani Center is responsible for over 75% of Israel’s agricultural innovation.


Visitors hosted by the Agricultural Research Organization - Volcani Center are taken on a journey of knowledge and discovery in the fascinating world of agricultural research, learning about the role agriculture played in establishing the State of Israel, and the role Israeli agriculture continues to play in shaping the global future.

For even more on diplomatic visits, see the official Volcani website here

Organized Tours​

The Volcani tour will be available to organized groups, specifically those who have contributed significantly to the development of Israel and/or groups and individuals with the potential to help us spread the message of Israel’s global contributions. Such groups will enjoy an interactive exhibit designed to showcase the incredible advancements and breakthroughs achieved by the Volcani Center, empowering them to become partners in our mission to further strengthen the relationship between Israel and the global community.

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Diplomatic Tours 


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other official channels send groups of delegates, politicians and public figures/leaders from around the world to visit Volcani every year. In doing so they are able to build the foundation for collaborations of tremendous importance to the State of Israel.

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