Let's Bring Israel to the World

Volcani International Partnerships strives to educate and empower partners across the world with knowledge about what Israel has achieved and how they may be able to benefit from Israel’s agricultural experience and expertise.


Our organization undertakes high-level interchanges with government officials and representatives of international organizations, attends global events and partakes in high-level speaking engagements. Additionally, we frequently host delegations and groups at the Sandra and Howard Hoffen Visitor Center. 

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Visit Volcani 

A source of national pride, the Volcani Center is the State of Israel’s official Agricultural Research Organization. Established in 1921, before the State of Israel itself, the Volcani Center is responsible for over 75% of Israel’s agricultural innovation.


Visitors are taken on a journey of knowledge and discovery in the fascinating world of agricultural research, learning about the role agriculture played in establishing the State of Israel, and the role Israeli agriculture continues to play in shaping the global future



Learn more about the recent high level speaking engagements in which Volcani International Partnerships has participated.  


At each event we endeavour to share information on Israel's agricultural transformation, and how partners can benefit from the knowledge accumulated and emerging innovations.

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