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Volcani International Partnerships

Tackling Global Hunger with Israeli Expertise

We work to end food and nutrition insecurity across the world by building bridges between local partners and Israel's leading experts to create life-changing agricultural solutions together.

The Challenge

Our global food systems are in crisis.

In 2020, 2.37 billion people did not have access to adequate food and over 800 million of us go to bed hungry every night.

This crisis is complex but one thing is clear: productive, profitable, sustainable and resilient farming is the cornerstone to feeding the world.

sustainable farming

What We Do

In response, Volcani International Partnerships focuses on creating 3 key changes:

Supporting Global Producers 

Increasing the capacity of farmers to be more productive, profitable, resilient and sustainable.

5000+ farmers impacted

Strengthening Food Systems

Providing advisory support to governments and international  organisations based on Israel's experience.

10 high-level partnerships created

Developing New Solutions

Innovating to feed the world by raising funds for scientific research and supporting the next generation of scientists.

$14+ million raised for research

agricultural research

Our Services are Delivered Everywhere

We offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of our partners throughout the world.

These include agricultural advisory, capacity building, research and development support, technology transfer and Israel agri-tours.

What Makes Us Special

Unique position in the Israeli Agricultural Ecosystem

We provide unparalleled access to Israel's innovation models, research, technologies and experts. 


We codify and leverage the Israeli experience, knowledge and innovation while working with local partners to contextualize and adapt it across diverse contexts for impact.


As a non-profit organisation with no commercial interests, securing the best possible results for our partners is our only guiding star. 

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

We build multi-disciplinary teams  incorporating technical experts across the value chain, economists, local partners and development professionals.

In Recognition of
Key Partners and Supporters

tony blair

“I have come to see first-hand just how much Israel has to offer others from its experience in “making the desert bloom” - building a thriving agriculture sector under conditions of considerable adversity.”

- Tony Blair, Executive Chairman of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

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