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ReGrow Israel

“For us, farming is ideology, economy and Zionism”

– Michal, Resident of Ein Habesor

In the wake of unprecedented horror, Israeli farming communities by the Gaza Strip face a daunting path to recovery. Loved ones were murdered, families torn apart, homes destroyed and livelihoods shattered. Beyond the indescribable human loss, Israel’s immediate food security is also endangered and, as survivors have told us: without agriculture these communites cannot rebuild.

ReGrow Israel is the FIRST FUND focused on securing the FUTURE of farming communities devastated in the Hamas attack


ReGrow Israel is guided by a Steering Committee of Israeli renowned leaders, including:

Haim Jelin.jpeg

Haim Jelin

Former Member of Knesset & Former

Head of Eshkol Regional Council

Prof. Yoram Kapulnik.jpeg

Prof. Yoram Kapulnik

Former Director General of Volcani Institute & Director of BARD 


Yahel Ben Aris

Director of International Relations, Sha’ar Ha’Negev Regional Council

ReGrow Israel is managed by Volcani International Partnerships,

an Israeli non-profit supporting Israeli agriculture since 1983


ReGrow Israel Emergency Fund in collaboration and partnership with:


Regional Council

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 00.08.21.png

 Shaar HaNegev
Regional Council

העמותה לקידום תושבי חבל אשכול .jpg

Association for the Advancement of Residents of the Eshkol Region 


Moshavi Hanegev


The fund's leadership board will be working in close partnership with local leaders, councils and farmers to target the areas of greatest need. 


Local Leaders, Councils and Farmers

Funded Projects Targeted on the Greatest Needs


Working hand in hand with local communities, ReGrow Israel tackles their greatest needs and funds strategic initiatives so they can thrive in the months and years ahead

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Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 00.29.21.png

Mental Health

Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 00.29.15.png


Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 00.29.24.png

New Production Sites


Now and for the long term

For more information, contact


Barns and farms abandoned, cows dead: Hamas war endangers Israel's food security

"75% of Israel's vegetables are from farms bordering Gaza"

Thai laborers, the ‘working hands’ of Israeli farming, pay with blood

Who will milk the cows?


Given we are preparing for war around Gaza, is this the right time? Hamas have taken lives, destroyed families and ruined homes and livelihoods. We will not let them destroy our future. It is never too soon to start. As the communities have told us, they are totally consumed by survival, trying to get through day after day. They do not have the capacity to think and plan for the future. They have welcomed the initiative and there are obvious projects that can launch even while preparing for war.

How will this complement efforts by the Government of Israel? Due to the relationships held by the Governing Committee, the Fund will coordinate closely with the Government making sure projects funded are needed by the communities and complement efforts of the Government.

Will donations qualify for tax exemption? Yes through the platform JGives donations are tax exempt in US, Canada, UK, and Israel.

Is Volcani International Partnerships a reputable NGO? Volcani International Partnerships was established as an Israeli NGO (#580035699) in 1983 with the Hebrew name of נאמני המחקר החקלאי ושוחריו במרכז וולקני and has maintained its Government Recognized Status since. It's audited by the Israeli Non-Profit Authority and holds an up to date certificate of proper management. It is also governed by a renowned Governing Board.

What is the relationship with the Volcani Center? There is no formal relationship with the Volcani Center. The Volcani Center is Israel's National Agricultural Research Agency and part of the Ministry of Agriculture. Volcani International Partnerships is an associated but independent NGO that often works in partnership with the Volcani Center on a variety of projects.

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